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DELL G5 2020

Consumer G5 2020 design language has taken 2019 G3 design to higher level of aesthetics and functionality with first chassis lighting technology on Dell consumer NB product.

I join the project with one project lead, base on 2019 G3 DL to brainstorm the design. Co-work with all the function teams in DELL and ODM. It has announced in 2020 Q2. 

* & news report:

First goes to marketing & design research then explore the mechanical layout and MKT define the cost and features of the product.

Second defines the target group of the product line, also starts to sketch and brainstorming the design. 

Thinking the chassis lighting with co-team, because the limited of the components and A cover CMF design were the most difficult part of this project. 

The design process until the end of mass production: Models review with DELL teams by rendering or mock-up models and define the final direction to go to back-end stage.

Product design story.

Business tripe to China factories to sign off golden samples. And review back-end stages until it goes to the market to sale.

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