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The new Panic Button has a sleeker, more compact design and customizable features for enhanced emergency services.

In 2020, Amazon released Ring's Panic Button – a way to alarm your security system and alert emergency services with a push. Today, two years later, Amazon has rolled out the second generation of Ring's smart gadget.

Compared to its predecessor, the new button is more compact and discrete -- which bodes well for home and business users who want to keep the security accessory within reach, but mostly hidden. The new Panic Button also comes with a label sticker, should you want to keep tabs on more than one. 

Using the Panic Button is the same as before; by pushing and holding the clicker for three seconds, a siren will sound and immediately request an emergency service to dispatch. You can set up and disarm the panic button on your Ring Alarm via self-monitored mode. 

In addition to calling emergency services, the second-gen button now allows you to customize emergency responses, so you can dial between Panic, Medical, or Fire. You can also notify shared users via the Ring App once the button is pressed, so family members and/or loved ones can be aware when an emergency has taken place.

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