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DELL inspiron 2020 

It's a front end design project.

We started the project from MKT target, EDG research with ADC design team and ME layout discussion. It had four round presentation for every gate to lock down the direction. All the DELL internal CT took six months to this NEW 2020 consumer series together, and will start to ODM RFQ, BA...... 

The brand new design language NB will be announced in 2020.

inspiron 2020-2.png

Front-end design research to explore design stories & target groups.

After front-end research. Start to hinge type research, to find the best hinge architecture for ME and Marketing target.

Team sketch and braonstorming together

After three rounds of models making with CMF discussion.

Internal co-team discuss and define the key themes of design feature, define the CMF direction and 2020 inspiron/vostro leverage plan.

Narrow down the 2020 DL and key design focus, UX take the models to validation at the same time.    

Final presentation of internal teams.

CMF Plan

Final round models making for CT review and UX / CMF to do validation in North US & China.

Program goes with ODM RFI, RFQ stage.

Design change with ODM discuss, because of the limited of production, and keep going to the mass production.

It will be announced in 2020. 

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