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Ring Security Powered Case for Home Depot

The Ring Jobsite Security Case is a protective case designed to let you to use the Ring Alarm Pro and two Ring Power Pack backup batteries.

This is the first project I worked in Amazon Ring. It already locked the ID geometry, I supported to design some details, mounting bracket, and solving the issues from the RFQ to MP.  

It has announced in 2021 Q3. 

* & news report:

Ring Jobsite Security on YouTube

Ring Jobsite Security Case - Setup and Use


Discussed the design innovation. Tried to make some details more clean and useful.


UX Design checking. Had checked if there has interference between power and power bank adaptor. But while received the mockup, it's not a good user experience(too tight) even it didn't have interference. So we had to discussed the smallest impact for cost, schedule, molding design... That's the reason why in the end users need to turn 180 degrees to install the power bank and base station. 


Mounting design. Accessory design for case to lock on the pole.


Pad print logo. Tried several ways to control the uniformed pad print logo.

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